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Network Cabling

Considering the fast-paced generation, the speed and reliability of your network have a lot to say. White Storm is known as the best cabling specialist in Canningvale as we have been in this industry for years. Whether it’s residential or commercial, each client we serve, is ensured with complete peace of mind.

Telephone systems

We look to engage with innovative telecommunication solutions including telephone systems, cloud based networks and other equipment required. The products we provide are branded and come with warranty from the manufacturer. White Strom is the core of telecommunication infrastructure in Canningvale.


Being a network engineering expert, our company is able to provide complete wiring system for your CCTV installations. We believe in tailored approach to business security and thus, eye the best of the best from the market. Our installers are knowledgeable to their works and are certified to perform such tasks.

Support and Maintenance/h2>

We know how overwhelming it is when one faces network downtime issues. We offer complete support and maintenance services so that you can enjoy being connected with the world. From copper jointing to fibre slicing, our experts are equipped with years of experience to bring you only the best based on your requirements.

About our company

Our clients choose our services for knowledgeable experts and indispensable management required for telecommunication technologies. Our business insights are based on delivering accuracy while being economic as much as possible. We are equipped leaders executing achievement along the pathway of service.

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